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Major Centres – Town/Cities

BFN – Bloemfontein
CPT – Cape Town
DUR – Durban
ELS – East London
GRJ – George
JNB – Johannesburg
KIM – Kimberley
NLP – Nelspruit
PLZ – Port Elizabeth
PLK – Polokwane
PTA – Pretoria 

Documentation Fee

BA documentation fee will apply to all domestic waybills.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel surcharge is calculated based on the national fuel price at the time and is applied to all waybills.

Chargeable Mass

Chargeable mass refers to which ever mass, actual mass and or volumetric mass is greater of a shipment. The volumetric factors differ based on selected service. All Same day, Dawn Express,Overnight Express, Weekend or Public holiday services are calculated on a volumetric factor of 5000. The Express Road and Budget services are calculated on a volumetric factor of 4000. 


Magortrans Logistics can provide insurance cover where required. This will however be discussed with the client in order to provide the client with the relevant documentation to be completed. 


Value Added Tax will be charged at 15% on all domestic waybills.


Safe and secure packaging contributes to 80% on the condition of the shipment upon delivery. The handling of a shipment contributes 20% to the condition of any shipment.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure each and every shipment is packaged in such a way that it will withstand multiplehandling, thus the inner packaging (secondary packaging) and outer packaging (primary packaging) plays a vital role in the safe and secure
movement of any shipment. Please consult with the office for advice and or guidance.


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